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Thursday, 9 pm Atrium Ballroom in the Marriott Marquis
Friday 6:30 pm Hyatt Concourse
Sunday 2 pm Hyatt Concourse
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Guitar Night 2 With JC Long, Matthew Trautwein, Rudi Robinson, and DJ Hofer at Push Push theater. This informal evening of music will also feature the talents of vocalists Kristina Baade, Carrie Poh, and Lena Kotler, as well as percussionist Catherine Barson and bass guitar phenomenon Drake Kennedy. Admission is $10, and the show begins at 8:00 PM. For directions and more information, go to: http://www.pushpushtheater.com.

Another bit of info: My pirate band is playing at Piratepalooza on September 16th; I'll have more info by next week on what times we'll be playing, but keep your eyes open! http://www.piratepalooza.com.

Be thar!

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Viktor Krum is coming to Dragon*Con!!!111one

Holy frickin' WOOT!!! I admit it, even though I am head over heels in love with my elfboy, I have a wee bit of a crush on the actor who played Krum.

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I miss yamguitar's yamquizzes...
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Yup, finally got a myspace page set up for my pirate band.

Check it out:

The recordings I was talking about are up on it, keep in mind that they are very ROUGH recordings done in my basement with a laptop and a lapel microphone.

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Thanks to Simon and Bert, I've gotten irreversably addicted to D&D over the past few weeks. And thanks to the community, bad_rpers_suck, I found this site of role-playing game based motivational posters.


After some careful searching, I found a site to make some of my own motivational posters on:

Crossovers (featuring me and tempest_gypsy)

Lady Pirates (featuring me, tempest_gypsy, and whiskeyfyre)

and The Nameless NPC (featuring potatobandits

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Cool news update:

After many jam sessions Bert, toni_sama, and I have finally started a pirate band. Even cooler news? We sound awesome live. Some recent news? A few nights ago we did some rough recordings of "Spanish Ladies", "The Dark Lady", "River Rye", and "101 Nights" (which until we get permission from Axel the Sot, we will not be releasing for commercial purposes...not sure if we can release it at all at this point in the game). So once toni_sama gets the tracks mastered and up on the hosting site, I'll let you guys know if you're interested in getting an mp3 of any of the songs.

"Tabitha Crow, hoarder of shiny things aboard the Katie-Marie"
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After looking at some of the dramatic situations of my friends in the past and comparing them to my own, I'm starting to believe that I've avoided most situations of drama involving the mixture of friendship and romance. This is a sort of a mental inventory of what I've done and haven't done which has prevented me from such situations.

1. I don't date my friends' exes.
2. I don't usually date people that go to the same school as I do (two experiences are enough, thank you!)
3. I don't like pulling my friends into vendettas against my exes.
4. I eventually become friends again with some of my exes.
5. If my friends were friends with my ex, I don't demand them to choose between them and me.
6. If I choose to romantically pursue someone in my circle of friends, it's only after careful consideration of such pairing.
7. I don't like remaining angry with people.
8. While sometimes I hold grudges against exes and imagine ways of telling them off or getting revenge, I don't carry them out. They're not going to learn from an outright attack.
9. If I complain about said ex, I don't make shit up or exaggerate to the ninth level on it, it's all true. If I speculate on them, that's all it is, speculation, not fact.

I don't know, just listening to the shit that my boy has to put up with from not only his ex, but his ex's ex/his former friend, and anybody else who's afraid of contradicting the two, I don't know how much more faith I can have in humans. The maliciousness is just plain scary! But on the other hand, it makes me glad that I have the friends that I do. I have a favor to ask of you guys, if you know Simon and see him with me or not, engage him in conversation, get to know him, invite him to hang out or something. He needs to know that not only are there are better people in the world, but also that he is not the shitbag that certain people in his life are making him out to be.
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